Zafar Arif is gone, and his people are left at the mercy of goons

Source: Daily Times

On Sunday, electronic media in Pakistan started running news about an old man’s ‘tortured’body found in Karachi’s Ibrahim Hyderi area. The face of the deceased was covered in blood and there were scary marks of torture around his neck. He was slouching on right side of his vehicle’s back seat. The body was discovered long after the old man had breathed his last.

“The deceased has been identified as Hasan Zafar Arif,” shouted TV anchors a few minutes later.

Many people have, perhaps, forgotten that Prof Arif had returned from the prestigious Harvard University to fight for a cause. Once back in Pakistan, he joined Karachi University’s Philosophy Department as a lecturer. The ‘doctor sahab’,as he was called by his near ones, was the most active man in almost every democratic movement in this country.

Prof Arif is no more. He has perhaps become the latest victim of the ongoing oppression on a Karachi-based political party.

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