Altaf Holds Negotiations With Balouch Freedom Leaders

MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain detailed negotiations with Balouch leaders, human rights activists, lawmakers and brave freedom fighters, who lost their beloved sons at the hands of the military establishment in Balouchistan. Both sides agreed to make joint efforts against the tyrant occupation of country by the Pakistani military establishment. In this context, both sides also agreed to launch a decisive move in joint association with all the oppressed nations in Pakistan. The meeting had slammed the military establishment and expressed complete solidarity with the families of Balouchs, Pashtoons and Mohajirs who have been executed by the demonic military establishment. The meeting also expressed deep concerns over enforced disappearances of Balouchs, Pashtoon and Mohajirs and vowed that they would take oppressors into account. Meanwhile, Mr. Hussain appealed to the all Haq Parast people to seek Almighty Allah’s blessings for the success of the Alliance.