Altaf Hussain Assures PTM of Complete Support For It’s Public Gathering in Karachi

MQM Founder Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has hailed the Pashtoon Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) regarding its announcement for holding a public rally in Karachi and has assured the leaders of PTM of his full support. In addition, Mr. Hussian has urged all oppressed nations including Mohajirs and Balouchs to fully participate in the PTM public assembly in Karachi.

He did so during his live telephonic address to the Overseas Pakistanis on Thursday nights from London.

He said that “Military secret services are once again conspiring against the Mohajir-Pashtoon unity ad efforts are afoot to create confrontation among Mohajirs and Pashtoons.” “Their such notorious and nefarious plans would fail and Pashtoon-Mohajir unity would keep intact.”

He said the similar scheme was pushed ahead to work in past during his imprisonment and kind of confrontation between Pashtoon and Mohajirs had set in but he had contacted Pashtoon leader Khan Abdul Wali Khan and sent late Azeem Ahmed Tariq to him and Mr. Khan had smelled the conspiracy and thus the confrontation was failed.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Hussain had in recent days pardoned Pashtoons for any act of aggression against Mohajirs and had sought pardon from Pashtoon in case of any aggression against Pashtoons from Mohajirs.

He said he has never been against Pashtoons and had merged them in MQM and promoted them to be elected as councilors from Mohajirs’ votes.

He said Karachi belongs to all Balouchs, Punjabis and Pashtoons and it was the military establishment that under well-thought scheme cut the population of Karachi city more than the half.

He assured PTM leader Manzoor Pashteen of his complete support for their public gathering in Karachi city on May 13 and said that all the oppressed nations in Pakistan should struggle for their equal rights in light of constitution of Pakistan and within the parameters of the laws defined.

Mr. Hussain has said that the ISI is at work of failing the PTM public gathering and for this reason, arbitrary arrests of PTM leaders and workers are being made, which he condemned and asked the ISI not to impede the peaceful and democratic right of the Pashtoons.