Cunning Pakistan Military Planned Pulwama Terror Attack To Divert Attention From Demands For Self-Determination: Altaf Hussain

MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain has said that the Pulwama terror attacked was the product of the ghoulish Pakistani military establishment. As usual, the demons in the military junta have through the Pulwama attack had conspired against the oppressed nations in Pakistan, the Pashtuns, Balouchs and Mohajirs. Through that Pulwama terror attack, Pakistan’s demonic military wanted to divert the attention of the world from demands of the oppressed nations in Pakistan for the right of self determination. Through the Pulwama terror attack, the ghoulish Pakistani military establishment is now pushing the people of Pakistan on the path of religious extremism and war mania.

He said that, “Even India also failed to apprehend before time the real objectives of the Pulwama terror attack in which 44 men of India’s armed force had embraced martyrdom.” “The attack was planned by the demonic military of Pakistan and was executed by one of world’s top Pakistan-based terrorist organisation, the Jaish-e Muhammad (JeM).”

In fact, they were the military establishment of Pakistan always created a new situation to manipulate the one they had previously created. In recent days, a strong wave of freedom was aroused in minds and hearts of Pashtuns, Balouchs and Mohajirs and it had bewildered the military of Pakistan which planned for a situation to divert attention and hence they executed the Pulwama terror attack, he argued.

He said that the people of Pakistan, Pashtuns, Balouchs, Mohajirs and even People of Punjab had started realizing that the military was dividing them to rule and hence they all had started chanting slogans against the demonic military of Pakistan, saying, the military was involved in each single act of terrorism. Even the military chief General Bajwah had also been vehemently slammed over nefarious military plans against the people of Pakistan.

At a stage, military’s corpse commanders devised a plan for diverting the attention and for that reason that prepared a terror attack plan in India and successfully executed it in Pulwama, he claimed.

Now, they are extensively talking about war with India and thus they are trying to bring the people of Pakistan on one platform that would be in support of the ghoulish military, he said, adding, military is exploiting the people with their religious binding and is telling that India would attack the country and not only they country but Islam would also be in serious jeopardy. By this manipulation, the military is seeking backing of Pashtuns, Balouchs and Mohajirs against India.

Hussain said that the military of Pakistan has once again re-strengthened the extremist gangs and organisations in Pakistan of which Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LeJ), Jamat Ud Dawa (JuD), Sipah-e Sahaba and many others.

He said that same was done in 1971 and the people of Pakistan were befooled. In fact, the demonic military can go to any extent for keeping its tyrant occupation over the country. Islam was never in jeopardy in Bangladesh in 1971. Mosques and shrines are still present and the people there are still Muslim and they go for Hajj pilgrimage more than Pakistanis. It proved the military’s propaganda was a fraud.

MQM founder leader said that the closure of a seminary (JuD headquarters) in Punjab is a tricky business of the demonic military because the JuD chieftain Hafiz Saeed was brought on TV through an interview, which was nothing but a cheap tactic to dupe the world. If the JuD HQ was not in Pakistan then why the demonic military said they have taken control of that JuD HQ, he asked.

Now, he continued to tell that the military is bringing forward their puppets, which are traitors of Mohajir nation, on streets to condemn India on the pattern of extremist organistaions on the military’s payroll. For this, the PSP gang of traitors and Bahadurabad gang are being asked by the military to take to street in India’s condemnation.

He asked the PSP and Bahadurabad traitors to tell if India imposed the quota system that deprived Mohajirs of their due legal rights for jobs and admissions in academic institutions?

He asked them whether India carried a genocide military crackdown against Mohajirs or they were the military of Pakistan. Who, India or Pakistan, filled the graves with bodies of Mohajirs? Who, Indian forces or Pakistani military killed Aftab Ahmed and other 22, 000 Mohajir youth extrajudicially and who, Indian forces or Pakistani military raided the houses of Mohajirs and manhandled Mohajirs’ women? If India did not do all those atrocities then why the PSP and Bahadurabad gangs of traitors are taking to street against India?

He said that the PSP and Bahadurabad gangs of traitors once used to call them secular but today, as they have become puppet of the demonic military of Pakistan, have turned extremists, right-wingers, too.

He asked Mohajirs to completely boycott these gangs of traitors known as PSP gang and Bahadurabad gang.

He asked the demonic military of Pakistan to accept the demand of Mohajirs for right of self-determination. He said he would never cease to exposing the demonic military of Pakistan.