Demand For Self-determination Fully Inline With UN Charter – MQM Convener

MQM Central Coordination Committee (CCC) Convener Dr Nadeem Ehsan has said that the demand for the right of self-determination for Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Balouchs and other oppressed nations in Pakistan by the MQ founding leader Mr Altaf Hussain is legitimate and just and is per the UN Charter. This he said while addressing a video briefing at the MQM’s International Secretariat here in London. He was flanked by CC Deputy Convener Qasim Ali Raza and members Mustafa Azizabadi, Manzoor Ahmed and Sufyan Yousuf.
He said that Pakistan is very vocal on freedom of valley of Kashmir and takes the valley as occupied territory by the Indian forces but the very fact is that Karachi, Balouchistan and FATA are equally occupied territory by the military establishment of Pakistan. The ghoulish military is busy in butchering the innocent Mohajirs since past many decades but with recent active genocidal crackdown since 2013. Even certain articles laid in the constitution of Pakistan say 3, 4, 8, 10, 10-A, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19 and 25 guarantee full freedom of free movement, speech and democratic assembly of people and even peaceful protest.
He said that Pakistan’s military intelligence agencies, ISI, military, establishment and others believe they are all above the law and could not be held answerable and accountable. MQM founding leader Mr Hussain has while showing serious concerns over genocidal actions at the hands of the demonic military rightly demanded for the right of self-determination on February 2nd this current month and in case those who consider that demand as unlawful are invited for a open debate publicly. The truth is that the UN Charter also advocates for such demand and its article 1, clause 2 reads as follows’ “To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace.” Conversely, UNCHR also elaborates the same through articles 18, 19, 20 and 21.
Meanwhile, Dr Ehsan severely slammed the armed forces of Pakistan over arresting Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) activists Gulali Ismail, Abdullah Nangiyal and others, These have been enforced to disappear immediately after their arrest at the hands of armed forces. Similarly, after attending PTM sit-in at Sohrab Goth on January 27, the ghoulish armed forces, ISI and paramilitary Rangers raided the house of MQM workers, arrested them and enforced them to disappear. In recent past few days, PTM activist Arman Luni was extrajudicially murdered publicly. He demanded their immediate release of all MQM and PTM workers. He said Mr Hussain had cursed the decayed system in Pakistan and even though he was correct he had tendered an unconditional apology but the military and ISI declared him a traitor and imposed embargo on him. The MQM Convener said that army has conducted 78 military operation sin Balouchistan in a month, kidnapped 108 and enforced them to disappear and ransacked 230 houses of Balouchs and dumped 31 mutilated bodies.
He said that, “MQM is under an embargo, houses and offices of MQM founding leader Mr Hussain are locked and under siege.” “Mohajirs are not allowed to visit the graves of their brothers and sons.” Doors of employment ate closed on Mohajirs and they are victims of plain discrimination at every scale. These are the circumstances that have pushed Mr Hussain to approach the Un for Mohajirs’ rights for the self-determination and he has done nothing wrong.
“The MQM, CCC, all wings of the MQM, Mohajir nation is on the side of Mr. Hussain for his demand for the right of self-determination”, said Dr Ehsan, adding, “Those who are wondering on demand for self-determination would soon see this happening in letter and spirit”. Mr Hussain has suggested a combined move to the UN for the collective right of self- determination for the Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Balouchs and others and he would always be respected for his best efforts for the oppressed nations’ freedom.
Speaking on the occasion, CCC Deputy Convener Raza said that Pakistan’s ghoulish army and ISI have been misusing Kashmir issue for their vested interests for past 71 years. However, Kashmiris are not enjoying the freedom but the ghoulish military Generals have minted billions instead by selling the Kashmir dispute. He said that, “The oppressed nations in Pakistan say Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Balouchs, Sindhi, Gilgiti and Baltistani have awakened from deep slumber and are actively demanding their right of self-determination.”
He asked why the demonic army of Pakistan that has nuclear arsenal made against India are frightened of India and why they don’t attack India to free the occupied Kashmir.
He condemned arrest of MQM workers and PTM activists. CCC member Azizabadi said that Pakistani PM stated once on killings of Kashmiris but he turned his eyes away from extrajudicial killings of Mohajirs, Pashtuns and Balouchs. MQM alone lifted half a dozen bodies of Mohajirs daily and the demonic army extra-judicially executed more than 22, 000 innocent Mohajir youth in Karachi.
He said that the demonic army of Pakistan is butchering Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Balouchs, Sindhis, Gilgitis and others. Today, protests are widespread across Pakistan and the people are demanding right of self-determination. In fact, the ghoulish military establishment of Pakistan have pinned the oppressed nations to wall and compelled them to demand for right of self-determination.
CCC member Ahmed said that Pakistan is the signatory of the UN Charter, which allows all nations to approach for their right of self determination and no doubt it is that UN Charter through which Pakistan also demands Kashmir’s freedom.
He said that it is in the constitution that whosoever would breach the constitution would be taken as traitor and would be tried as traitor and the ultimate sentence of breaching the constitution is death penalty. Sadly, Pakistani military Generals had in past breached that very constitution and are traitors per the provisions of the constitution. CCC member Sufyan in his speech said that the founding leader of the MQM has laid his demand for Mohajirs and Pashtuns and Balouchs per the UN Charter and no power on earth could restrict us from our right of self-determination. It is a time to unite all oppressed nations in Pakistan to get the right of self-determination from stratocratic government.under UN Charter article 1 sub clause 2.