Establishment Is Implementing Plans Of Enslaving Mohajirs, Converting Karachi Into Cantonment Per Agreement With China – Altaf Hussain

It is the policy of the establishment to render Mohajirs homeless and jobless and force them to become the slaves and hence the establishment has started a so-called anti-encroachment drive in Karachi under which only the Mohajirs are a target.
MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain said this in his latest address to the Mohajirs live via social media.
It is at the behest of the establishment and in active connivance with the country’s apex court’s Chief Justice and the provincial government and the local Metropolitan Corporation, homes and shops of the Mohajirs have been demolished in the garb of encroachments while the fact is that they are the real owners of their homes and shops and in some case they are the tenants for decades and have regularly been paying the rent to the authorities concerned such as the Metropolitan Corporation, said Mr. Hussain.
He said that the authorities could only remove only those take-away stalls which created nuisance and led to traffic gridlocks and impeded free movement of the people on pavements and on roads but the action can never be justified if the authorities with use of state powers and means demolish decades long established shops and homes and offices.
The menace of encroachment is rampant in all over the country but the establishment only to punish the Mohajirs and to pin them to the wall has taken drastic steps of converting the Mohajirs as slaves to the establishment and hence the actions are only seen and limited to Karachi which is Mohajir dominated port city, he added.
Mr. Hussain said that the historical Urdu Bazar and Shoe Market adjacent to Karachi’s Gandhi Garden have also been demolished. The shops at Urdu Bazar and Shoe Market dated back to 1947 or near the year when Pakistan was founded. Because of the discriminate demolition drive against the Mohajirs, millions of Mohajirs have lost their businesses and homes and they are now living under the open sky and their children are facing acute starvation.
“What tyranny and injustices the establishment and the CJ have done to the Mohajirs are greater in volume and intensity than the Genghis Khan in history”, Mr. Hussain remarked. “Instead, they awarded lease to the illegal occupant of Railways land in Peshawar.”
The MQM founder leader said that the ongoing demolition drive is establishment’s well-knitted scheme of enslaving the Mohajirs and to make Karachi city a colony of the establishment.
“In fact, the ongoing demolition drive is per an agreement with China with regard to CPEC and the port city of Karachi would be converted into a Cantonment area”.
He urged upon the Mohajir that they should oppose the ongoing demolition drive and show their resistance or else they would be made slaves and their coming generation would be on the mercy of the establishment.
He said that Pakistan’s PM Imran Niazi is the ugliest PM in history of the country and the U-Turn is hallmark. He had made tall claims to give 5 million homes to the homeless people and 10 million jobs but he is rendering the Mohajirs homeless and jobless. He is going country to country begging for alms and charity. In fact, there is no democracy in Pakistan but a straight Stratocracy. Pakistan’s military is controlling all institutions and media and even the government and the Parliament. Pakistani military has already imposed an undeclared Martial Law in Pakistan. Politicians and religious leaders are serving the military for their personal gains and interests.
Leaders of two big parties, PML-N and PPP, Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif only oppose the military when they feel they are on the verge of destruction at the hands of the military but when the military lets go the tight grip, they become military’s aides so they are pure hypocrites.
In Pakistan, Mr. Hussain continued to speak; every ethnic community is traitor except Punjabis. Double standards have wreaked havoc on Pakistan and the country could not live linger with this sheers discrimination. Sindhis, Balouchs, Pashtoons, Gilgitis and Baltistanis and the Mohajirs should unite for the freedom and that their unity is call of the hour withiout which they would continue to suffer at the hands of the military establishment.
“Injustices, atrocities, tyranny and oppression are the precursors of birth of freedom fighters and then the freedom movements”.
While concluding, he stood to salute and pay tribute to Shaheed-e Wafa Prof. Hassan Zafar Arif, Shaheed-e Inquilab Dr Imran Farooque, Syed Ali Raza Abidi, Balaj Marri, Ustad Aslam Shaheed, Akbar Bugti Shaheed, JSQM’s Bashir Qureshi and all other freedom fighters.