Extolling Killers Of Mohajirs By Dr Farooq Sattar Highly Shameful – Coordination Committee

MQM’s Coordination Committee has vehemently slammed Dr Farooq Sattar over his statement in favour of people who were involved in genocide of Mohajirs in 1992. The committee has described his statement,made during an interview with a local private, as completely misleading and a direct affront to the martyrs of the movement who gave their lived for the rights of Mohajir Nation.

It said that the military action on Mohajirs that was launched on 19 June 1992 is still in full swing in which thousands of innocent MQM affiliate and Mohajir youth were butchered by the security and law enforcement forces. The extreme violations of human rights will always be considered as nefarious and ugly part of country’s history.

The deadliest military action on MQM that was launched in September 2013 is the continuation of genocidal military operation which was started in 1992. Thousands of MQM affiliates have  been extra-judicially murdered and thousands have been imprisoned without any legal process. Arbitrary arrests are another aspect of repression on Mohajirs. Even the Dr Farooq Sattar has ignored his coordinator late Aftab Ahmed who was murdered in the custody of paramilitary Rangers.  He is extolling security forces which proves that he is their puppet and a traitor to Mohajir Nation.

The committee further said that many MQM affiliates were killed by the security forces after 22 August 2016. Among them is senior leader of MQM, Prof Dr Hassan Zafar Arif  who was also assassinated in custody of the security forces.

It said that the security forces are kidnaping MQM affiliates and are killing them in custody. They are supporting the criminals, extortionists and kidnappers to freely operate in the port city of Karachi. One such notorious gang is the Lyari Gang which is extorting money from traders and civilians with the support of the paramilitary Rangers in Karachi.

Dr Sattar who is a traitor and a puppet to the military establishment is conspiring against the collective interest and future of the Mohajir Nation who is united under the leadership of the founder  of the Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain. Mohajir Nation has rejected him and his team of conspirators.