General Elections In Pakistan On July 25 Is Engineered Selection By Military – Altaf Hussain

The forthcoming General Elections due July 25, 2018 are in fact Pakistan’s military game of selection. Military has already picked a particular party to seat in the parliament with majority so as to form its next government. The international community is well aware of this political engineering of the army. The Mohajir Nation should make a full manifest of courage and boycott the elections in letter and spirit. They should boycott this military selection in the garb of engineered elections. In case, the Mohajirs under any restrain go to the polling booth, then they should use a different strategy of boycotting the elections and this strategy should be destroying their ballot papers and should never vote for the hypocrites. Anyone who would still participate in elections and would cast vote would solely be a hypocrites, as well.

This he said in his live video message to the Mohajir Nation from London on Thursday night. His message was spread to nooks and crannies in the world while using the social media. An overwhelming majority of the Mohajirs listened this online session.

In the beginning of the video message, he recited few verses of chapter Al Munafiqoon from the Quran with Urdu translation and interpretation.

Addressing the Mohajir youth, millennial, men and women, he shared the details about the chapter Al Munafiqoon with regard to its content, placement of the verses and God’s message laid therein.

Explaining what in real hypocrite and hypocrisy means, he said that when the truth is concealed under intention and placing the wrong over the right is the hypocrisy and the one who indulges in this practice is called a hypocrite. For example, he continued to exemplify the term hypocrisy and the hypocrite, he said if someone is in a strange and ugly looking attire but asks others if that attire was becoming him or not and the others reply in positive despite that the attire did not deserve that praise, this would be hypocrisy and those who would praise that ugly attire would fall into the category of the hypocrites.

Every muslim knows well that “The Creator” has slammed the hypocrites. The traitors who betrayed the MQM, Mohajir Nation and him are now present in gangs of Haqiqi, Kamaloo gang and Bahadurabad and PIB gangs in Karachi. They are misleading the Mohajirs in the disguise of their caretakers, supporters and well-wishers but they are not. They are hypocrites as they in the faces of Mohajirs claims to be their well-wishers but otherwise assert they are for eliminating the Mohajir identity. Of these hypocrites, some have also declared them as non-Mohajir while they were born in Mohajir families.

These gangs of traitors who betrayed MQM, Mohajirs and him had in past taken oath on Quran multiple times that they would not betray the MQM, Mohajir Nation and him but they did so. They are now serving the enemies of Mohajirs and are fulfilling the enemy’s agenda of eliminating the MQM and the Mohajir Nation. They are siding with the ghoulish and demonic military establishment of Pakistan, its ISI and other forces that are chasing the Mohajirs.

Referring to the verse 8 of the chapter Al Munafiqoon, he quoted, “Allah says there are some who say that they are the believers; they say they have faith in the Day of Judgment but the fact is that they don’t.” Referring to the verse 10 of the chapter Al Munafiqoon, he quoted, “They are the infidels because they lie and thus they have reached a point of no return.” Referring to the verse 11 of the chapter Al Munafiqoon, he quoted, “When their Lord asks them not to create a fuss on Earth, they in return say that they are not but are busy in causing the peace to prevail.”

Referring to the verse 16 of the chapter Al Munafiqoon, he quoted, “ They are the people who chose darkness for them and have become stubborn and deserve wrath.”

He also referred to another chapter of Quran, Al Maedah that is also on the same topic. In light of Quran, these traitors are heavily intimidated of the repercussions of their wrongdoings. They have a fear of getting arrested, trauma. The chapter, he continued to tell, also speaks on sins of these hypocrites portraying them as total losers on account of disrespecting the oath they took on Quran.

He referred to verse 61, which reads, “They say they are the believers but they were not because their Lord is well aware of their innerselves.”

He said that the traitors, oath breeching hypocrites may deceive him but they can never hide their sins from their Creator. Likewise, he quoted many Quranic verses in support of his claims and proved the traitors guilty of breech of oath, mistrust and dishonesty.

The movement founder and leader Mr. Hussain while addressing the MQM workers and Mohajirs said that he had brought evidences on the traitors from the Quran after toiling efforts so that everyone should acquire proper knowledge and meaning of the hypocrites and hypocrisy. It is therefore, their responsibility to adhere to the truth and have their form belief in Allah. Allah has declared the hypocrites as the cursed creatures, he added.

Mr. Hussain said that whatever he had said should be tallied with the ground realities in which the traitors of Bahadurabad, PIB and Kamaloo gangs are drowned and are constantly conspiring against the Mohajirs. They are serving the enemies of the Mohajirs from inside so that the enemies could get their nefarious agenda of eliminating the Mohajirs eliminated as soon as possible.

These traitors at Bahadurabad and PIB and in Kamaloo gang have leaked information about the hideouts of the Mohajirs, MQM workers and thus the armed forces of Pakistan that are carrying a Mohajir genocidal military crackdown kidnapped them, detained them unlawfully and executed them. These traitors are intimidating the MQM workers for dire consequences if they would not join them.

He said that these traitors, cunning enemies in the garb of well-wishers and hypocrites are misleading the MQM workers and Mohajirs. Those Mohajirs who are attending their public gatherings are committing sin.

“Traitors had given oath on Quran that they would never betray the Movement and the Mohajir Nation but they did it and they have joined ISI as puppet and touts.” “They are helping the ISI and armed forces in hunt of the MQM workers and innocent Mohajir youth and senescent.”

They were the thugs who helped the ISI to hunt for MQM’s 70-year old academician, philosopher and thinker Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif and the ISI executed him in custody after exposing him to brutal physical torture.

Mr. Hussain with heavy heart said that he has been making appeals everyone that the families of MQM martyrs should be looked for. The widows and orphans should be provided with assistance and relief as their husbands and fathers have laid their lives in the struggle for the rights of the Mohajir Nation. The widows and orphans keep visiting the offices of the traitors at Bahadurabad and PIB and to Kamaloo gang. God knows better how badly the traitors deal with them. These traitors have bargained over the martyrs blood and sacrifices and are assisting the military establishment and ISI for rampant kidnappings and executions of the Mohajirs.

He vowed that he would never cease to struggle for the rights of the Mohajir Nation and would embrace martyrdom in this struggle happily.

Mr. Hussain said that the elections in Pakistan to be held on Jul 25 this current month are engineered as the military of Pakistan is the engineer of these elections and onward results thus these elections are army’s selection of blue-eyed. The Mohajir Nation should not accept this military selection and should boycott them with full force and courage. If they are compelled to reach the polling stations, they should destroy the ballot papers, instead.

On this point of his message, he cited a famous couplet of Poet Qateel Shifai, which was;

Dunya Main Qateel Oos Sa Munafiq Nahi Koi

Jo Zulm To Sehta Hey Baghawat Nahi Kerta

(Qateel, the one who bears injustices and stays silent is only a hypocrite)

Mr. Hussain hoped that the Mohajir nation would listen his appeal and would courageously boycott the military selection in the name of elections.

He said that the paramilitary rangers are raiding everywhere in cities of Sindh to kidnap MQM workers but they lack the courage to face the Indian army in Kashmir, which they demand to set free. The Lord would shed His wrath on the draconian Rangers, traitors and hypocrites who are assisting the ISI and military establishment in kidnapping, detention, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial executions of MQM workers.