I Am Not Against Pakistan But Want to See It A land of Blessings For All – Altaf Hussain

Muttahidda Quami Movement’s (MQM) founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that he never opposed Pakistan in past or today but always slammed certain corners of the country that have marred the beauty of her and that he has always been struggling for a country that should extend full guarantee to all of the citizens for equal rights and justice. The time is calling for change in the country and that change could only be inked in letter and spirit only when the people of Punjab would come into action against feudal elite and their tyrant occupation on resources.

He expressed these views while addressing the MQM workers, which was live watched on social media by the millions across the world.

He said that it happens that sometimes the circumstances keep dominating on the people while in other situations, the people don’t care for the time, occasion and limits for translating their struggle into goal-oriented results. There are people in every corner of the world that adhere to a particular ideology and what makes an ideology workable is the truthfulness and pragmatism. The true ideology knows no boundary.

He said that inventors worked for the well-being of the people and they did not possess any idea of facilitating their particular groups of people but they did it all for the mankind. They were Christians, Jews, Hindu, Parsi or Muslim. Invention of one inventor is being utelised by all people of all religions. For example, Bulb was invented by Thomas Edison and though he was a Christian but Hindu, Muslim, Budhist and all people of all religions are simultaneously benefitting from his invention. On the contrary, Pakistan’s late premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who had claimed to be a progressive and socialist had been very religiously biased as he declared Ahmedis as infidel and inserted that tyranny into a constitution as integrated part. In addition, Ahmedis have been made victim of aggression by the Muslim majority, they are attacked and killed and their women are being kidnapped and raped and their kids are also kidnapped and killed just because they are Ahmedis.

There are fanatic Islamic clerics everywhere in Pakistan that preach common Muslims to attack Ahmedis, kidnap their kids and women and rape their women. They claim this massacre justified in light of sayings of the Prophet Muhammad but in fact, these are just fabricated sayings.

He said that, “Pakistan’s ISI in connivance with Saudis has divided Pakistan into many religious sects.” “These two have been conspiring against the Shiite Muslim and are after executing them in variety of extremist attacks. The Saudi Sulfi group under the nose of the ISI is involved in attacks on Christians, Jews, Ahmedis and Barelvi and Shiites Muslims.”

He said that though many have asked many times as why he raises voice for Pashtoon, Balouch, Sindhis and other deprived and oppressed communities in Pakistan while none from these communities speak for the Mohajir. The answer is that wherever there is tyranny and injustice, he would not sit idle and silent but would speak louder than ever. “My struggle is for the oppressed people alike irrespective of their ethnic or cultural and religious separate identity.”

He said that he had successfully settled the Sunnite and Shiite disputes once and for all and also working for settling down a dispute between the Jews and the Muslim. Allah has in Quran laid that everyone has a right to choose a religion and he will not be compelled to select the one particular religion. Quran warns against injustices done to people and whoever does this would face the music.

He said that he has been struggling for the rights of the oppressed people of Pakistan for past four decades and though his age is growing older but his spirits are yet in high forms.

He said that innocent kids are being abducted in Karachi and brutally murdered and everyone has to rise his voice on that selected tyranny.

He told the workers that they had come abroad so as to stay safe and alive as they were on target in Pakistan and hence they should now pledge to refresh the struggle for their rights and for their peoples’ rights.

He said that MQM’s senescent leader, a 70-year old Prof. Hassan Zafar Arif was brutally murdered after the military establishment kidnapped him and as many as 22, 000 workers of the Movement have so far been extrajudicially murdered in Pakistan.

He asked why the TV anchors in Pakistan have not yet spoken of Pakistan’s PM’s daughter who was reproduced out of marriage from Sita White but they never get tired of declaring him as Indian agent. These TV anchors have betrayed their profession. They are no more journalists.

Mr. Hussain said that, “Traitors in ranks and files of Movement have ruined the future of the Mohajir Nation.” Pakistan Army’s Chief Gen. Qamar Jawed Bajwah ad ISI claims to have eliminated MQM in Karachi, though they are wrong.

He said that Pakistan army’s and ISI’s claims for restoring peace and tranquility in Karachi are false as the graph of crimes have been on apex. In fact, Pakistan’s army and its different wings are illegally occupying Karachi’s land and they are doing commercial businesses from selling river sand to running gas stations, from selling fruits and veggies to water hydrants.

He said that he had once slammed the system in Pakistan and Pakistan’s army locked and sealed his residence but despite that Pashtoon Tahaffuz Movement openly condemns Pakistan army and hold it responsible for all varieties of extremism and terrorism, they have not been impacted in any case for trial in courts. Pashtoon Tahaffuz Movement was gaining momentum but Pakistan army bribed them and thus the PTM died of its own prematurely.

Likewise, people of Punjab after Hanif Abbasi was awarded life imprisonment chanted slogans against Pakistan army and ISI and they called them terror-backing forces in Pakistan but nobody was arrested or booked. Similarly, Sindhis have lost their leadership and movement for their rights and Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) has become ISI’s tout.

He said that unlike PTM and JSQM, he would never cease to struggle for the rights of Mohajir nation and other oppressed communities in Pakistan.

He said that he has never been against Pakistan but he has always slammed the corrupt Generals of Pakistan army.

He said that he would never spoil the esteem of his parents Late Nazeer Husain (R.A) and Mohtarma Khursheed begum (R.A), Grandfathers Mufti of Agra City Hazrat Hafiz Ramzan Ali (R.A) and Hafiz Rahim Bux (R.A).

He said that he is not against the people of Punjab or army but the corrupt feudal elite and Generals.

He asked the people of Karachi to form special guard committees to protect their children.

He said that the sitting Chief Justice of Pakistan should not be expected to dispense justice because he dismissed the elected PM Nawaz Sharif but declared a fornicator, the sitting PM Imran Niazi as most honest person in Pakistan.

He said that he is going to resume lecture series on history of Mohajirs after he has recently completed a series of lectures on history of Balouch and Balouchistan. He said he would expose Pakistan army that has never won any battle since 1947 but always conquered unarmed Mohajirs, Balouchs and Pashtoons. He paid rich tribute to daring Balouchs for their gallantry. It is time now to act and all the oppressed nations in Pakistan should fight against the forces of tyranny as united.

He also saluted to the Movement’s Coordination Committee for their daring support despite all tough times.