ISI Killed Syed Ali Raza Abidi; Implicating MQM Founder In His Murder ISI’s Sheer Malicious Agenda

MQM Coordination Committee has slammed the Pakistani internal affairs ministry over fraudulently implicating MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain in a case of coldblooded assassination of one of the MQM’s leaders and Parliamentarians Syed Ali Raza Abidi. It is ridiculous to implicate Mr. Hussain despite the facts already known by the people across the globe that the slain Abidi had in his audio message he recorded a few days before he was assassinated leaked that the Pakistani military intelligence, the ISI had threatened him for life. In that audio message, slain Abidi had also exposed the Military of Pakistan, its military intelligence, the ISI and the notorious paramilitary Rangers for summoning him time and again and issuing warnings to him of dire life consequences in connivance with the notorious PSP, Bahadurabad and PIB gangs’kingpins that were recording his movements and tweets overtly and covertly and were sending those to the ISI and Rangers.

The notorious military ofPakistan and the ISI had earlier claimed they have arrested the alleged killerof Abidi and the one in their arrest named as Muhammad Hassan Abbas was one ofthe missing MQM workers now shown as arrested and he was in their detention.Thus it proved that the assassination plan was carried out by the ISI and theyhad arranged everything including an alleged killer already in their custody.They have now been fully exposed.

In fact, it that old andmalicious agenda of the military, the ISI and the Rangers to malign the MQMfounder leader Mr. Hussain and push the millions of his followers away from himbut certainly their plans and conspiracies have flopped badly.