Joint Struggle Of Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Balouchs Unavoidable For Defeating Demonic Pakistani Military – Altaf Hussain

It is need of the hour and it is imperative for the oppressed Pashtuns, Balouchs and Mohajirs to relaunch their struggle under one platform for the retrieval of their usurped rights. It is very unfortunate that the authorities in Pakistan have smashed the genuine facts of history and what they have laid to the students and the people in the garb of history of Pakistan is completely untrue, concocted and fake.Every single act at the highest level of government and establishment is in absolute contrast to facts and history of the country. It is the misery that the butchers and assassins, who opposed the inception of Pakistan have acquired a grab of innocent while those who are the victims and are facing genocide at the hands of these assassins and imposters, have falsely been made cruel and traitors.The future of Mohajir, Pashtuns and Balouch nations lie in the hands of the youth and hence a series of lectures was designed and delivered so as to keep them abreast of the true history of Pakistan, which has been concealed from them with a purpose and the purpose is that the youth should stay unaware of the demonic ugly faces and characters of the establishment and the puppet rulers since 1947. The book, Sachchi Baatain (True Talks) is based on such realistic history and is the compilation of genuine and real facts. The establishment is the most feared entity in Pakistan and would also fear the release of this Sachchi Baatain book.The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah had immediately after Pakistan was founded asserted that Pakistan would never be a theocratic state and that all religions would bear equal respect and the followers would be free to adhere to their beliefs and practice their faith in Pakistan. Unfortunately, the assassin Pakistani establishment which had conspired against the inception of Pakistan and had been puppet to English masters had occupied Pakistan and droppedall the true and relevant matters from the books and the curriculae. The undeniable truth is that this the very ghoulish military establishment of Pakistan that had assassinated the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah through deadliest poison administered to him gradually and slowly.Poet Allama Iqbal was never a religious minded person but instead he was a secular and liberal. He had immense respect for Baba Guru Nanak, god Ram and wrote poetry in their respect. This very demonic military that has been immensely intimidated from him had imposed an embargo on him so that he could not reach the people of Pakistan along with real and truthful history.The ghoulish military has occupied the every single inch of Pakistan and today, the situation is that any envoy, foreign delegate and even sportsman is asked and forced to meet the ISPR DG and COAS General Bajwah instead of civilians, bureaucrats and civilian ministers and Prime Minister. The incumbent PTI’s government, as were all previous government, puppet of the ghoulish, criminal and demonic military establishment.The enemy (Pakistani military) has all resources and hence very powerful so the Mohajirs, Pashtuns and Balouchs could not defeat this enemy alone but they have to join hands together to defeat the military and free them from the tyrant oppression of the demonic military of Pakistan.In a situation that is in Pakistan as the Mohajirs, Pashtuns and Balouchs are facing genocide at the hands of the military establishment, it becomes imperative that the oppressed nations should join hands together and retaliate with the same force.Mr. Hussain felicitated Coordination Committee Deputy Convener Qasim Ali Raza, member Sufyan Yousuf and Arshad Hussain on diligently compiling the Sachchi Baatain.