Judiciary, Military Should Stop Oppressive Policies Against Oppressed In Pakistan – Altaf Hussain

Muttahidda Quami Movement’s (MQM) founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that Pakistan’s judiciary; military establishment should treat all citizens especially the oppressed alike and should discard the policy of crushing and eliminating them. Unfortunately, there are courts in the country sans spirit of justice and hence the courts without the spirit of dispensing justice should be removed a these have no meanings or purpose of existence.

He said this in his weekly addressed that was spread to the corners of the globe through the social media means and watched and heard live by millions of his followers.
He said that the new generation in Pakistan is unaware of their heritage particularly their ancestors who played a pivotal role in conceiving the country. The new generation hardly knows now about their legends such as Sir Syed Ahmed khan, Maulana Hasrat Mohani, Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar, Maulana Shaukat Ali Jauhar, Nizam of Hyderabad, Raja Sahab Mahmoodabad, Abul Hassan Esphahani, Sir Adamji and Sir Ziauddin, etc.;
He said that these were the people who actively participated in the struggle for Pakistan and offered tremendous funds for the newly founded state so that it could run and live and forgetting them would be tantamount to deleting the real history of Pakistan. These are being removed from the curricula because they all hailed from Shiite sect of Islam.
Unfortunately, he continued to tell, there are factories established in Pakistan at the behest of foreign master which engineered and promoted a specific thought of declaring the Shiites Muslim as infidel forgetting that the founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his sister Madr-e Millat (mother of the nation) Ms. Fatima Jinnah also belonged to Shiite sect of Islam. In Pakistan, Shiite scholars, engineers, doctors and lawyers were all butchered mercilessly. It is high time that all the Shiite scholars should set aside all the compromises and call a spade a spade. They should protest on discrimination with our legends and ancestors.
He said that in Pakistan, Mohajirs are readily handcuffed and chained in the garb of an act of breech of law but at the other, Punjabi culprits are treated with respect despite their involvement in heinous criminal acts.
He said that ex-Senator Syed Faisal Raza Abidi has been chained and jailed because he dared to speak the truth but the same the Chief Justice ignored Maulana Khadim Hussain Rizvi who called names to him and the judiciary. Likewise, the CJ took immediate notice of handcuffing Punjabi academicians but has not yet taken any notice of cold blooded custodial murder of a Mohajir academician, Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif.
Conversely, the CJ became very active on water scarcity issue but he avoided seeing at the sealed residence of his, Nine Zero, extrajudicial executions of thousands of innocent Mohajir youth and MQM affiliates, enforced disappearances of thousands of Mohajirs and he ignored the call for speedy justice to the affected Mohajir families.  The CJ claims to be the custodian of the constitution but he is predominantly engaged in works that are beyond his constitutional limits and though he has failed to ensure the dispensation of justice he is more interested in construction of dams, which is not his job.
Mr. Hussain said that Pakistan has judicial system but does not have justice system. The judiciary in Pakistan is lame and rather paralyzed and hence such a limping and paralysis judiciary should be removed.
He said that the army chief General Qamar Jawed Bajwah had promised to help Naqeeb Ullah Mehsood’s family get justice but he has not fulfilled his promise and the killer cop Rao Anwar is still not brought to justice box. At the other, he visited Mehsood’s but did not visit Prof. Arif’s because he was a victim Mohajir. The COAS and the CJ have never remedied the wounds of Mohajirs and Balouchs.
General Bajwah has not yet questioned his predecessor General Raheel Sharif who immediately after his retirement joined Saudi-led military coalition for money while there was a constitutional binding on him to have waited for two years after retirement.
“It is very unfortunate that in every developmental plan and project, Punjab’s interests are held above all.”
He said that since there are premonitions that Sindh and Balouchistan would sooner or later become separate and independent states then Punjab would become a landlocked territory and hence they are very keen on construction dams for Punjab.
Mr. Hussain had cast light on role of Pakistan’s armed forces in detail. He said that Pakistan’s army had always fought with the people of the country, Mohajirs and Balouchs and Pashtoons. Punjabi army butchered them mercilessly and the acts of genocide are still rampant.
He said that the army has a predefined job to do and it is to protect the country’s boundaries but the ghoulish army of Pakistan is running like a commercial institution and its span of variety of commercial enterprises include banks, property business, gas filling stations, meat and poultry farm houses, marriage halls and fruits and veggies businesses.
Mr. Hussain said, “Pakistan’s ghoulish and coward army had waged war on India for five times but was defeated in all five wars.” Late air vice martial Asghar Khan’s statement on Pakistan army’s defeat is on record, he quoted.
He said that the army is emotionally exploiting the countrymen on Kashmir since past seven decades but does not have the courage to enter a combat with the Indian army on Kashmir.
“At the contrary, Pakistan’s army under the command of Dictator Zia had butchered 20, 000 innocent Palestinians in 1970 in Jordan and the Palestinians remember that massacre as “Black September’.” Dictator Zia was at that a Brigadier and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General. Likewise, ex-COAS of Pakistan army General Raheel Sharif is butchering the innocent people of Yemen at the behest of Saudi Arabia and a s a result, people of Yemen are facing acute starvation.
Mr. Hussain said that first Pak-India war was started on Oct 22, 1947 and it was Pakistan that waged that war on India. Pakistan army did not use its regular troops but used people of tribal zones of Pakistan, instead. Tribesmen had reached inside Kashmir, which was then a Princely state under the rule of Maharaja Hari Sindh. British Rule had approved for him whether to join Pakistan or India or keep as independent status of the region. Maharaja Hari Singh had on Oct 26, 1947 chosen to join India. The war that Pakistan had waged lasted until Jan 5, 1947.
Similarly, Pakistani troopers in plain clothes along with tribesmen invaded the Indian Territory in 1965. Pakistan violated the Line of Control. In reaction, Indian forces repelled Pakistani troops and entered into Pakistan from Western Boarder and then reached Lahore. Pakistan then approached the United States of America for a cease fire and the later did it.
In 1971, Mr. Hussain continued to tell, Pakistan had two parts, Eastern and Western Pakistan with 56% and 44% of population respectively. However, the East Pakistan was deliberately deprived of its due shares. Bengalis were denied of their due rights and thus they had joined Sheikh Mujeeb Ur Rehman and won the elections with majority in 1970.
However, General Yahya Khan and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had launched a genocidal military crackdown against Bengalis in which millions of Bengalis were killed and millions of Bengali women were gang raped by the Pakistani troops. India then came forward and helped Bengalis rid of Pakistani troops’ tyranny and then Pakistani troops had surrendered shamelessly. Lastly, Pakistan was cut into two pieces as two separate states.
Mr. Hussain said that Pakistan People’s Party fraudulently makes tall claims of being country’s largest Democratic Party but the facts are that PPP’s founder Bhutto was reared and groomed in the laps of General Iskandar Mirza and General Ayub Khan. Bhutto used to call General Ayub as his Daddy. Bhutto conspired against Pakistan in 1971 in connivance with General Yahya and he was the co-planner of creation of east Pakistan as independent Bangladesh. Mohajirs had sided with Pakistani troops in 1971 but Pakistani troopers who had surrendered had returned to Pakistan after two years but those Mohajirs are still in camps of Red Cross in Bangladesh. Military Dictator Zia ul Haque had called those Pakistanis as Beggars.
He said that Pakistan army’s wrong policies had led Pakistan to get cut into two separate states, Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1971. Unfortunately, same policies are still at work and the army is crushing the innocent Mohajirs, Pashtoons, Balouchs, Seraikis, Hazarwals and other oppressed communities.
He advised the judiciary, establishment and the military of Pakistan that these should stop their wicked polices towards the oppressed communities and should treat then equally as they teat Punjabis. The honest military officers and troopers should step forward to save Pakistan from the ghoulish Generals.