MQM Supports The Pashtoon Tahfuz Movement (PTM) And Appeals To All Haq Parast Followers To Attend Demonstration

MQM has condemned the extra judicial killings of those innocent people,  Harassment of women in Khaisor, South Waziristan, and the arbitrary detention of Alam Zaib and his fellow Pashtoon sympathisers in Karachi, MQM extends their full support to the PTM for a peaceful demonstration.

MQM Central-Co ordination Committee has announced, that full support would be provided by Haq Parast followers in the upcoming peaceful demonstration at Karachi Press Club, being organised by the Pashtoon Tahfuz Movement (PTM) on Wednesday 23rd January 2019, that all Haq Parast followers should attend in numbers and ensure that this peaceful demonstration is a success.

MQM Central Co-ordination Committee demands that the authorities immediately release Alam Zaib and his fellow comrades, and put an end to the victimisation against the Mohajirs, Pashtoons, Balochis and all minorities living in Pakistan.