Mr Altaf Hussain Appealed To The Swiss Authorities To Grant Entry To Mr Mehran Marri

Mr Altaf Hussain condemns the arbitrary detention and the entry ban of Baloch nationalist leader Mr Mehran Marri, his wife and four young children at Geneva, Switzerland airport.

Mr Marri, along with his wife, and four young children were entering into Geneva, Switzerland to participate in the upcoming conference on Balochistan, to highlight the persecution of the Baloch nation being carried out at the hands of Pakistan’s armed forces.

Upon entry into Geneva, Mr Marri was illegally detained by the Swiss authorities, who had received false and fabricated paperwork relating to Mr Marri, in which the Pakistani authorities had requested them not to allow him to enter Switzerland to continue with his human right activities.

Geneva, Switzerland is the headquarters for the United Nations for Human Rights,  which ensures that all oppressed nations are afforded protection from violation of their human rights, people from all over the world gather to register their protest against the atrocities being committed against them by their governments.

If one who raises his voice against violation of human rights is denied entry into Geneva, then what platform is left in the world to raise their awareness.

The persecution of the Balochi people is not a hidden secret, the Pakistan’s security forces have been brutally killing the Balochi nation and depriving them of their due rights for several decades, that is why they are demanding their right to independence.

Mr Altaf Hussain the founder and leader of the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), reminds the Swiss authorities that this action will cause resentment among the Balochi people. Mr Hussain has appealed on humanitarian grounds to the Swiss authorities that Mr Marri and his family are granted entry into Switzerland, to ensure that  the  values of ones human rights are upheld, and remove this illegal entry ban.

Mr Hussain sympathises with Mr Marri, his family and the Baloch people in this testing time.