NAB Court’s Judgement Against The Ousted PM Nawaz Sharif, Her Daughter Is Not As Per The Spirit of Justice – Altaf Hussain

While commenting on fate of the ousted Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Ms. Maryam Safdar in view of sentences awarded to them in corruption cases, the Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain said that it seems as if the accused have been made scapegoat and the judgement against them was not on merit. It looks as if the victims have been picked and chosen to be punished by certain quarters.

In his statement, the founder and leader of the Movement said that though the ousted Pm Sharif, who has now been awarded 10 years of imprisonment, had led the genocidal military operation against Mohajirs in which thousands of innocent Mohajirs were kidnapped and extra-judicially executed by the military of Pakistan on orders of Mr. Sharif and thousands are still in detention centres and as many have been enforced to disappear. He added that MQM workers and leaders were kidnapped and tortured for shift of their loyalty away from their leader Altaf Hussain. Every conspiracy was implemented to eliminate the Movement and factions have been created in MQM so as to weaken it and to gradually eliminate it. But still and despite all injustices, he won’t sit silent over injustices done to the Sharif and his family because he believed that he was a victim of personal grudge and the spirit of justice was not maintained in his trial. He said that there are many politicians and leaders who plundered country’s wealth and caused the exchequer to suffer immensely but they are yet not questioned.He said that the incumbent PML-N President Mian Shahbaz Sharif talks about the injustices done to his brother and family but he never counts those atrocities and injustices they did to Mohajirs in connivance with the military establishment.

Mr. Hussain said that the ousted PM Mr. Sharif should recall those days in 1992 when a military operation against the Movement was launched and MQM men and leaders were on gunpoint forced to shift their loyalty away from the leader of the Movement.

He said that the ousted PM Mr. Sharif continued to wreak havoc on MQM and Mohajirs and ordered to launch a most deadly military crackdown in which same atrocities were repeated.

Mr. Hussain said that the ousted PM Mr. Sharif has to accept his faults and injustices he did to MQM and Mohajirs and should seek God’s mercy.