Pakistan Allows Saudi Arabia Use Pakistani Soil to Wage War With Iran – Altaf Hussain

MQM founding leader Altaf Hussain has expressed serious concern over statement given by the Saudi Foreign Minister along with Pakistani counterpart in which the Saudi FM while using Pakistani soil slammed and criticised a sovereign and neighbouring country, Iran. The statement came from a jointly addressed press conference held in Pakistan. Pakistan’s top powerful offices including President, PM and COAS have to satisfy the international community as how and why they allowed the Saudis to use soil of Pakistan.He expressed these views during his live address through social media.

He said that Pakistan’s FM had jointly addressed the press conference with the Saudi FM and though it was his duty to have his control over the statement but the Pakistani FM failed to fulfill his assigned obligation and allowed the Saudi FM Adil Al Jabeer to misuse Pakistani soil against Iran, and his statement was candid clear warning to Iran for a war. Pakistani FM Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi is equally answerable as how the statement was allowed to be made in his presence and why he lacked the spirit to immediately negate such statement.
The Saudi FM had categorically stated in that press conference that Saudis would eliminate Iran and it was tantamount to waging war with Iran from Pakistani soil for which Pakistani authorities, governments and top executives are equally responsible, said Hussain. Hussain on this categorically slammed Pakistan’s President, PM and COAS and sought explanation from them as why they had chosen to remain silent on that Saudi move and why they failed to check such a bulldozing statement against Iran.

He said that as is the history of Pakistani military as was seen in case of Afghanistan, the Military is very much involved in war mongering tactics against Iran in association with Saudi Arabia. Nothing could take place in Pakistan sans blessing of the ghoulish military of Pakistan, he asserted.He said that no sovereign country (Pakistan) could allow another sovereign country (Saudi Arabia) to misuse its land against another sovereign country like Iran. The allegations that were leveled against Iran by the Saudi FM were all tantamount to waging a war with Iran and since Pakistan is a beggar-like country so she can’t stop other aids leasing countries such as Saudi Arabia from waging a war against Iran from the soil of Pakistan.It is the ghoulish military of Pakistan that has deep nefarious designs against peace of the world and they are the architect of violence against Ahmedis, Shiite, Hindu, Christians and other minorities. It was witnessed by the international community as how Pakistan’s President, PM and COAS presented them as beggars to the Saudis, said the MQM founding leader Hussain, adding that, In fact, Pakistan’s ghoulish military is one of its type in the world that could be outsourced to any aid giving country. They are the masterminds and facilitators of terrorism across the world especially in Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan and any other part of the world. The only thing they want is money for their role and play as paid assassins.

He said that, “Not only this, the state of Pakistan officially targeted the Shiite minority of Pakistan through a notification they had issued prior to visit of Saudi Crown Prince to Pakistan.” “In that official notification, they had mentioned the Shiite Community based in Karachi for lodging a tactic campaign to malign the Saudi Kingdom through social media.”
They were the military establishment of Pakistan that harboured sectarian and ethnic violence in Pakistan. They created terror organisations from Saudi funding and Saudi extremist and rigid sect followers to shed Shiites’ blood, Hussain said. He appealed to the people to foil the conspiracy hatched by the ghoulish military of Pakistan to throwing the sects of Islam into the flames of sectarian riots.He demanded for immediate release of Shiite rights activist like Rashid Rizvi and others who were arrested prior to arrival of the Saudi crown Prince to Pakistan.