Pakistan Is Signatory Of UN Charter; It Has To Accept Our Right Of Self-Determination – Altaf Hussain

Any country that utterly fails to secure lives and rights of its citizens then the citizens have a due right to claim their right of self-determination and they should approach International Court of Justice to rid of the slavery and attain the right of self-determination. The UN Charter allows people to claim their right of self-determination and Pakistan is among the signatories of that Charter of the UN. MQM founding leader Mr Altaf Hussain stated this while addressing a video press briefing from MQM International Secretariat here in London. His briefing was watched live by the millions across the planet.

In his briefing, he said that undeclared Martial Law is being imposed over the country and even the incumbent PTI government is just a sheer puppet of the ghoulish military Junta in Pakistan. “All areas in Pakistan except Punjab have now been made colonies of the military establishment.” “In fact, these areas like Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balouchistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan have been occupied by the demonic military establishment of Pakistan.”

He added that even Seraikis and Kashmiris are equally victims of atrocities at the hands of this very demonic and ghoulish military junta of Pakistan. Mr Hussain said that he never talked of dividing Pakistan but had simply suggested for the right of self-determination and it is per the international laws under the UN’s aegis. While citing certain provisions from the UN Charter, he said that since Pakistan is the signatory of the UN Charter on right of self-determination, all the oppressed nations in Pakistan say Mohajirs, Sindhis, Balouchs, Seraikis, Gilgitis, Baltistanis and Pashtuns can rise for their right of self-determination.

He asked the oppressed nations to explain under which law they are secure in Pakistan especially when the armed forces of the country are kidnapping the citizens and enforcing them to disappear. Arbitrary arrest and extrajudicial executions are rampant in Pakistan and none of the authority is checking this blatant human right violations. The demonic military of Pakistan is apart from all sorts of atrocities, extrajudicial executions are raping the women of the occupied and oppressed Mohajir, Pashtun and Balouch nations.
The MQM founding leader said that the oppressed nations should bear n mind that the atrocities, arbitrary arrest, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killing s won’t stop and none would rise for them for their security, secure future but verily they have to do it by themselves.

Mr Hussain said that the oppressed nations have to rise for their secure future and the right of self-determination is the last remedy in this regard.
For Pashtuns, he said that the tribal people were in past misused by the ghoulish military establishment of Pakistan and in the garb of Afghan war, Pashtun population was bathed in blooded and their properties were looted and finally they were forced to abandon their land and become IDPs. It was the military, not Pashtun that introduced the culture of Kalashnikov and narcotics. The ethnic riots among the Pashtuns and Mohajirs were all planned and executed by the ISI.

For Sindhis, he said that since they claim that their land is occupied by the military of Pakistan so they should then come forward and claim their right of self-determination. They should join Mohajirs and the later would warmly welcome them. Mohajirs are reality and joining them would be of Sindh’s greatest interest. The military would keep conspiring against the Mohajirs and Sindhis and would never like to see them united on one platform. Great Sain G. M. Syed had in his life said that only Altaf Hussain could help Sindh rid of the Punjabi military’s occupation.

For Kashmiris, he said that Kashmir only belongs to Kashmiris and when they would get freedom from India, they should never join Pakistan but should choose an independent state’s status or else they would keep bleeding. The ghoulish military of Pakistan draws and consumes huge funds in the garb of Kashmir cause and it proves that they are only concerned with the pecuniary goals.
For Overseas Mohajirs, he said that their cities in Pakistan have been occupied and Mohajir nation is facing genocide at the hands of the demonic Pakistani military establishment. All the Mohajirs living in foreign countries should join hands together and raise their issues before the international fraternity. Today, we have to utilise every single available tool like social media to fight our battle with the demonic military of Pakistan and secure the future of our coming generations.