Pakka Qilla Carnage is One of the Worst Tragic Incident of Country’s History – Altaf Hussain

Founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain has described Pakka Qilla carnage, which occurred on 26th and 27th May 1990, as one of the worst tragic incident of country’s history. He appealed to the Secretary General of United Nations to form a commission in order to investigate all the oppression’s carried out against Mohajirs since 1947 and to serve justice to the culprits according to the international laws. While addressing the guests at Iftar dinner event organised by MQM UK East London Unit, he said that Mohajirs have been treated unfairly since the creation of Pakistan. Even though they sacrificed for its creation and established country’s infrastructure. Injustice to Mohajirs started with the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah by slow poisoning him. His health deteriorated while he was staying in Ziarat, one of the vicinity of Quetta. An ambulance was called to shift him to Karachi. However a conspiracy was hatched by sending an ambulance which was unfit for the journey, it broke down on its way and Quaid-e-Azam passed away. The next target was Quaid-e-Azam’s closest companion and country’s first prime minister Khan Liaquat Ali Khan who was shot dead in a large public gathering in Rawalpindi. After this all the founding members of Pakistan movement were eliminated and the army took over the country. Quaid-e-Azam’s sister, Fatima Jinnah was disgracefully labelled as traitor and an indian agent when she raised voice against the dictatorship of General Ayub Khan. She stood against him in presidential elections but she lost the elections due to rigging. Later she was assassinated in her house.

Mr Hussain said a historical pact was made between Khan Liaquat Ali Khan and Pandit Nehro in 1950, which is also know as “Liaquat Nehro” pact. According to this pact the properties of emigrating Hindu’s in Pakistan were to be given to the people who were migrating to Pakistan. However it did not happen in Sindh and immigrants were not given their rightful properties and they had to survive in tents. Today the nationalists say that they have done a big favour by inhabiting Mohajirs in Sindh. However they should realise instead of taunting that they have not done any favours.  Instead they should be grateful to Mohajirs, who created this country to gain an independence from British empire, by sacrificing 2 million lives of their loved ones for the people of Sindh,Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhowa, Balochistan and other areas of Pakistan. He questioned “If Pakistan wasn’t created would Sindhi, Punjabi, Baloch, Pakhtoon, Gilgiti, Baltistani, Saraiki and others be independent? Have they done favours on us or have we done on them? We got the independence by creating Pakistan for those who didn’t loose any blood during independence movement”.

Mr. Altaf Hussain said that the Peoples party has always oppressed Mohajirs during their tenure. During Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s era, a linguistic bill against Urdu language was presented in Sindh Assembly. On this bill famous poet of the country Rais Amrohvi had said “It is the funeral of Urdu, it will be carried out with a celebration”. When Urdu speaking community raised their voices against it, they were shot in Liaquatabad. Several Mohajirs were martyred who are buried in Masjid-e-Shudha in Liaquatabad. Later Rais Amrohvi was also assassinated. A carnage was carried out on Mohajirs who were settled in interior Sindh. Their properties were attacked and were forced to move out. Urban and rural quota system was also introduced in Bhutto’s era which closed doors on government employment and higher education for Mohajirs.  Mr Hussain further said that he created All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organisation on 11th June 1978 against this injustice. As a consequence to this they were forced out of the educational institutions at gunpoint. When they started their struggle on the streets  for the rights of Mohajirs by creating MQM on 18th March 1984, it consequently lead to an increase in the killings of Mohajirs. On 31 October 1986, innocent Mohajirs were killed by attacking MQM gatherings at Sohrab Goth and Market Square Hyderabad. Instead of arresting the killers, he and thousands of his companions were arrested.

On 14th December 1986, massacre on Mohajirs was carried out for six hours in Aligrah Colony and Qasba Colony. Youths including kids and women were slaughtered during this carnage. The houses of Mohajirs were looted and they were burned in their homes. It was the worst tragedy in the history where 200 innocent Mohajirs were killed and justice hasn’t been served yet. On 30th September 1988, under the shelter of government agencies the nationalist criminal elements were freed from jail. They were equipped with weapons and transport and were asked to carry out massacre of Mohajirs. These terrorists sprayed bullets on innocent public such as shopkeepers, youths, elders, women and children while riding though different parts of Hyderabad. This resulted in martyrdom of 300 Mohajirs. Hyderabad was submerged in a blood bath but so far no one had been held accountable. This was part of the conspiracy of government agencies because in those days there were check posts of army, rangers and police all over Hyderabad. However these forces were removed from check posts and no one came to save Mohajirs or to arrest barbaric attackers.

On 26th May 1990, at the time of Benazir Bhutto’s government another massacre was carried out in Hyderabad in order to teach Mohajirs a lesson. The peoples party government along with the establishment hatched a conspiracy and called for an operation in Pakka Qilla. Police from Larkana, Dadu and interior Sindh were brought in Hyderabad. Along with them dacoits were freed from jails and were given police uniforms. Pakka Qilla was siege by these elements, homes and shops were looted, and several innocent Mohajir youths and elders were killed by spraying bullets. During this operation the water, electricity and gas supply were shut. After two days of siege when Mohajir women came out holding holy book of Quran on their heads and pleaded these elements to end this operation, they were shot indiscriminately which lead to martyrdom of many Mohajir women too. Burial of martyrs were not allowed to be carried out  in the cemetery, therefore they were buried in the premises of Pakka Qilla. On 26th and 27th May, the carnage and barbarism were openly carried out on Mohajirs but no one has been punished for this barbaric act.

Mr. Altaf Hussain has appealed to the Secretary General of United Nations to form a commission in order to investigate all the oppression’s carried out against Mohajirs since 1947 and serve justice to the culprits according to the international laws. He said that the army operation started on 19th June 1992 which continued for 10 years despite change of governments. During this time many youths were killed by police and army in fake encounters and several went missing. Thousands were arrested and several are still in custody for fake cases in various jails of Sindh. Most recently the senior most leader of MQM and country’s renowned Professor Dr Hassan Zafar Arif was arrested by the government agencies and was brutally tortured to death. His body was thrown in Ibrahim Haideri area. Mr Hussain that Dr Hassan Zafar Arif  and  Naqeebullah Mehsud were extra-judicially killed on the same day. However the Chief Justice of Supreme court had taken suo-motu notice on Naqebullah Mehsud’s killing but no notice was taken on Dr Hassan Zafar Arif’s murder. He questioned “Is this justice? Is that how you run the country”. He quoted Hazrat Ali that ” Government can survive with disbelief but not with injustice”. The country doesn’t survive where justice doesn’t exist. We have already lost part of the country.

Mr Altaf Hussain said that the Chief Minister started cursing Mohajirs when discussion started to create a new province in Sindh. Another leader of peoples party said that the word “Mohajir” is a swear word. Mr Hussain cursed those who cursed Mohajirs and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for oppressing Mohajirs. He questioned audience “Is Mohajir a swear word? The word Mohajir is in holy book of Quran. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was also a Mohajir. How can Mohajir be considered as a swear word”. He further said that “Those who are against Mohajirs imposed that the people who called themselves as Mohajirs should go back where they came from”. He said “Only refugees go back. We are Mohajirs and when we immigrate we don’t go back. Even today government employments are banned for Mohajirs through quota system. We are killed instead of being given our due rights. We are being targeted by the state. We are called traitors and enemy of the country”. Mr Hussain further said that “My crime is that i did not make any deals with the government agencies. I refused to accept brief cases and boxes filled with money. I was arrested and tortured but didn’t succumb to their demands. And i am still fighting for the rights of Mohajirs.”

Mr Altaf Hussain said that recently former ISI chief General Asad Durrani has written a book along with the former chief of Indian secret agency RAW, in which he had discussed many important events and sensitive information. It has also been revealed that the report of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan was given by the army’s colonel who in return earned a good few millions dollars. After such revelations we are still called traitors. He said that “Pakistan was created by our ancestors. We should have more rights but we are deprived of basic rights. Mohajirs should be given rights in the form of separate province”. The audience in the gathering agreed with Mr Hussain’s view. He advised the audience and Mohajirs to learn from other nations and demonstrate unity for the prosperity and honourable living of the nation. He said that he would cursed those who betrayed martyrs and Mohajir nation, and those who are talking about abandoning this movement and who have joined hands with the enemies.

Mr Altaf Hussain praised the martyrs of Pakka Qilla and prayed almighty Allah for the highest rank of Jannat to be rewarded to all martyrs. He also prayed for the honourable living and rights of Mohajirs.