Pulwama Terror Attack Would Throw Regions Into Flames of War – Altaf Hussain

MQM founding leader Mr Altaf Hussain said this while giving a live address to his followers across the world through social media as the Pakistani establishment has placed him under an embargo and hence Pakistani media is restricted to carry his addresses, speeches, statements and photograph. He vehemently slammed the terrorist organization, Jaish-e Muhammad (JeM) for carrying out suicide terror attack on a convoy of Indian Central Reserves Police Force – CRPF in Pulwama in Kashmir under Indian administrative control. He expressed his solidarity with the slain cops and bereaved families. It is pertinent to mention that the terrorist organization JeM has owned the responsibility of the suicide attack on CRPF. Mr Hussain said that it is an established factor and reality that JeM was founded in Pakistan and operates from Pakistan across the world. Its headquarters is based in Pakistan. The videotaping of the suicide attack proved that JeM is not an ordinary terrorist organisation fully trained by the ghoulish ISI. He said that, “One of retired Pakistan army General Shoaib had on Pakistani TVs claimed that India would shortly face terror attacks in Kashmir.” “Pak army Generals have to revisit their schemes of making the word a hell.”

The whole world is pointing at ghoulish Pakistani military after Pulwama terror attack. For example, Afghanistan had never attacked Pakistan but the Pakistan army has always dreamed of capturing her and forms a puppet government there in Afghanistan. Henceforth, Afghanistan is at war since decades and the people of Afghanistan are being bathed in blood every day. People of Afghanistan are fully aware of the aims and objectives of demonic Pakistani army and ISI and they are clear that this ghoulish military nexus is shedding their blood.
He said that he has always supported the idea of establishing friendly ties with the neighbouring countries like Iran, India and China but that does not necessarily mean that Pakistani soil be leased out to China. The most dreadful CPEC would ne d in Chinese occupation on Pakistani soil in near future. China has been sold all rich resources, ports and land of Pakistan by the ghoulish Pakistani military establishment. Gwadar port and entire Gwadar region has been converted into Chinese Red Zone where the local population of Balouchs is not allowed to enter. Conversely, Karachi is being reshaped for the ease and comfort of the Chinese invaders. Houses and property of Mohajirs are being demolished in the garb of encroachments.

MQM founding leader Mr Hussain said that the ghoulish military junta of Pakistan has in the garb of democracy imposed an undeclared Martial Law and the incumbent PTI’s government is nothing but a sheer puppet government that is working on dictations. He said demonic and butchering actions of Pakistani military are being exposed on social media because the ghoulish military junta has fully controlled Pakistani press and TV and hence at the behest of the demonic Pakistani military, the puppet PTI’s government has announced steps for curbing the social media through draconian laws. These draconian laws are meant to restrict reach of his (Altaf Hussain), Balouchs and Pashtuns. These steps would inflict more damage to Pakistan, instead. All the oppressed nations, Mohajirs, Balouchs and Pashtuns should start finding out alternate means on social media to reach their people diligently. There is Martial Law and Stratocracy ion Pakistan being imposed and the world and rights organisations have to take notice of these draconian steps taken by the demonic Pakistani military. The UN, IMF, WB and all other money lending international institutions have to revisit their policies towards Pakistan and should stop lending money to Pakistan because the Pakistani military and limitary intelligence agencies like MI and ISI would use that money for creating more terrorist organisations and the world would once again be on the verge of devastation like that of 9/11. He said that “One of retired Pakistan army General Shoaib had on Pakistani TVs claimed that India would shortly face terror attacks in Kashmir.” “Pak army Generals have to revisit their schemes of making the word a hell.” Lieut. Gen. Jawaid Iqbal Awan, Brigadier Raja Rizwan and a Colonel are facing treason charges. Retired COASs like Gen. Kiyani, Gen. Raheel Sharif and Gen. Pasha are now serving other countries as commanders and ex-ISI DG Gen. Asad Durrani has co-authored a book with ex-RAW chief. He said that the fact is that the army has occupied the whole of the country. It is the need of the hour that a Truth and Reconciliation Commission should be constituted and the ghoulish military junta should realize their blunders and decide whether they are ready to live with the oppressed nations, Mohajirs, Balouchs and Pashtuns or not.