Rejecting increase in NA seats in sindh open injustice, repression of mohajir nation – Nadeem Nusrat

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Coordination Committee Convener Mr. Nadeem Nusrat while rejecting decision of keeping number of national assembly seats in Sindh as it is, termed the decision a tyrant manifest of utter injustice to the people of urban population of Mohajirs of province of Sindh. The Mohajirs had already been bitten by the injustice in form of engineered census held in 2018 in which their population was fraudulent showed less than the half.

He said that under a conspiracy, the population of Mohajirs in Sindh has been reduced from 30 million to just 10.49 million and on the basis of this engineered census the number of national assembly seats is announced.

In absolute contrast to the application of engineered census 2018, number of national assembly seats in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Islamabad has been increased but Sindh has been ignored, he added.

“Increasing and decreasing national assembly seats in KP and Islamabad and Sindh respectively on the basis of flawed, engineered and conspiratorial census 2018 is a candid manifest of open rigging and injustice and MQM condemns it with all available forms and terms of disapproval and condemnation”, the MQM Convener said.

Mr. Nusrat said that this is an act of sheer injustice and repression of rights of Mohajir Nation, port city of Karachi and province of Sindh because the Mohajir Nation has with these open injustices been denied of their due rights of pubic representation in the Parliament.

He said that MQM categorically rejects the formula of increasing national assembly seats per engineered census, census itself and usurpation of rights of Mohajir Nation, repressing their rights of public representation in the Parliament and keeping the national assembly seats in urban parts of Sindh as it is.

Mr. Nusrat said that MQM rightly believes that Mohajir Nation has been pinned to wall and those doing that tricky business should keep in mind that it would prove counterproductive.

He said that those enjoying full length power hangover in Islamabad should behave sanely and should stop cutting the size of Mohajir Nation population in Sindh and the census data they have engineered should be rectified with actual size of Mohajir Nation population so that they should have their right of public representation on the actual basis of their population size in Sindh.