Traitors Pressing Families To Stop Demanding Safe Return Of Their Children; MQM Rejects Them

The traitors known as Bahadurabad Gang had earlier betrayed the Mohajir Nation are now trading on blood of the martyrs. These traitors are pressing the families of martyrs to forget their beloved ones and accept petty sums of money in lieu of their sons, who have been kidnapped and enforced to disappear by the demonic military of Pakistan. The Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) rejects any such move and offer and would keep struggling for the safe return of the missing workers who have been enforced to disappear because they refused to take the dictation from the military and showed their firm affiliation to the Movement.

The MQM Coordination Committee (CC) Convener Dr Nadeem Ehsan has said this in an exigent Press Briefing held at Movement’s International Secretariat here in London, Tuesday evening.
Dr Ehsan was flanked by CC Deputy Convener Mr Qasim Ali Raza and CC member, Mustafa Azizabadi.

Dr Ehsan said that the military of the country kidnapped hundreds of workers and took them to undisclosed locations and since that day the workers’ whereabouts are known to none except the military itself. God knows better if the kidnapped workers are alive or dead but one thing is confirmed that all the kidnapped workers are missing and are under enforced disappearances.
He said that the Supreme Court’s ex-Justice Jawed Iqbal had led a judicial commission “Missing Persons Commission” formed to locate the missing persons also noted that citizens have been kidnapped and enforced to disappear. The same commission also tried to trace the missing citizens.

Today, the traitors are witch-hunting the families of the missing persons and the martyrs to forget their sons and beloved ones and stop demanding their safe return against a petty sum of money, say, Rupees 0.5 million, which is so shameful and disgusting, the Convener Dr Ehsan deplored.

The traitors are pressing the families of the missing persons and the martyrs to fill a form they have handed it to them, which is hand-write and carries blanks to be filled per the direction of the traitors. The MQM rejects these mala fide intentions and actions and would never allow the traitors to achieve their vested interest and objectives. Instead, the MQM would gear up the pace of its struggle for the safe return of the missing workers, he vowed.

“Not only the MQM leadership but the families of the missing persons have rejected the wicked plans of the traitors”, said Dr Ehsan.
The SC had passed an order for booking Police officers concerned in case any citizen would go missing and the high court of the province had also sought explanation from the paramilitary Rangers. The later had ridiculously apprised the High Court that citizens had gone missing on their own., he added.
Dr Ehsan said that the issue of the missing persons a very serious and sensitive matter and the MQM won’t forget or ignore the missing persons and would raise its voice of concern on all available forums.

He said that the MQM would keep demanding the free investigations on enforced disappearances under a fully powered and autonomous judicial commission. In addition, the state should lift the embargo on the founding leader of the MQM, Mr Altaf Husain and the state should end the siege of party’s headquarters, Nine Zero at Azizabad – Karachi. Further, the state should also end its all illegal restrictions on MQM’s political activities.

The CC Deputy Convener Mr Raza said that the gang of the traitors of Bahadurabad has contested bye-elections on PS-94 and won that seat, which fell vacant due to sad demise of MPA Wajahat due to Cancer. The traitors had celebrated that victory. The same day was the Chehlum (40th day of martyrdom) of Syed Ali Raza Abidi. The traitors forgot Abidi and fully indulged in extreme exaltations of petty victory in bye-elections.

The CC member Azizabadi said that the paramilitary Rangers and Police have been raiding the houses of MQM and Pashtoon Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) leaders and workers because they joined the protest sit-in against enforced disappearances of the workers at the hands of military intelligence – ISI, paramilitary Rangers.

He said the MQM severely condemns the ISI, paramilitary Rangers over their supra-constitutional actions, kidnappings of the workers and leaders of the MQM and the PTM. He demanded that all the arrested, kidnapped and missing workers of the MQM and the PTM should immediately be released or at least they should be produced in any court of law so that they could attain a right of free trial and prove their innocence through their legal counsels.