We Won’t Accept Less Than Fully Autonomous Mohajir Province or Will Fight for Independent Mohajir State – Altaf Hussain

Justice System in Pakistan is dual standard, which is unacceptable and we would either accept a fully autonomous and powerful province for Mohajirs or a complete new Mohajir State and we won’t accept anything less than either of these options. In addition, Balouchistan has to be freed, too, because we are supporters of free Balouchistan.

He expressed these views on the occasion of his 65th anniversary and his address to that August event, which was themed as “Yaum-e Tajdeed-e Wafa.” The anniversary and the address venue was a VIP Lounge on Edgware in London, Sunday. The event was heavily attended by loyal companions and followers of him. The event was watched live by million on social media.

He discussed in detail the prevailing anti-Mohajir and anti-Balouch policies of the state of Pakistan. What would be the exact feelings on seeing others occupying the house on gun points, exploiting all resources on the basis of power and influence? He asked.

This is the typical situation that calls for use of power to retrieve the stolen rights. The oppressors would never listen to us unless we use the same strategy, say use of power to repel them out of our lands, he asserted.

He said he has been questioned as why he had slammed Pakistan ignoring that his people have been kidnapped and enforced to disappear and are extra judicially murdered and these things are enough to upset any sensible mind. When Mohajir women visited Martyrs’ monument at Azizabad, they were subjected to torture and arrest and even minor children were also not spared.

He asked was that all justified and whether country’s armed forces and law enforcers should have done to this and when they feel no bar in executing their authority very negatively who would then chant slogans for the country.

Mohajirs’ ancestors created Pakistan but today their offspring are denied of their just equal rights and are treated as slaves. Mohajirs had laid 2 million lives for the creation of Pakistan but they armed forces of the country had slaughtered more than 22, 000 Mohajirs during special crackdowns. Not only this, but a senescent leader of the Movement, a 70-year old academician Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif was picked and murdered by the armed forces of the country on Jan 13, 2018 forgetting his role in educating millions in Pakistan. Are the armed forces and law enforcers for peoples’ protection or butchering them? Will they be saluted or slammed? He asked.

He said that on the day when Shahbaz Sharif was produced in court of law, his party workers had held the APC under their get but Police did not charge against them but when Mohajir women entered an office of a Pakistani private TV asking them to unbiased reporting, the paramilitary Rangers and Police had tortured them. They were arrested them and jailed. The Rangers had also killed one of the youngest workers of the Movement.

Tehreek-e Labbaik had attacked media houses, Police stations and public property but they were facilitated with cash prizes distributed among them b the DG Rangers while MQM women were subjected to torture and straight fire. Why this double standard? He asked once again. The Chief Justice of Pakistan ignored Khadim Hussain Rizvi who openly called names to him but on the contrary, the CJP awarded sentences to other political leaders in the garb of contempt to court.

He said “We won’t accept this double standard of justice, denied of justice.” The state institutions are not willing or ready to listen to us and are taking all measures to eliminate us.”

He said that, “Either we would accept a fully autonomous and powerful province or we would fight for independent Mohajir State, instead.”

While talking about Balouch community, Mr. Hussain aid that Pakistan’s army is butchering the innocent Balouch youth because they are demanding their equal rights. The army is killing them after declaring them as terrorists. Army has to roll back their plans and they would have to free Balouchistan and we are the supporters of free and independent Balouchistan, he added.

While addressing the people of Punjab, he asked them to take to street for Balouch and Mohajir as they had done it in support of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shahbaz Sharif or else they would also be considered accessory to crimes of Pakistan’s army.

Mr. Hussain said that he had never slammed Pakistan but had slammed the corrupt and butchering feudal system in Pakistan. Pakistan should be free from decayed feudal system, corrupt Capitalist system and that everyone in Pakistan should have equal rights and equal citizens.

The minorities in Pakistan especially the Ahmedi should also be respected with regard to their rights and religious freedom as Pakistani citizens.

Mr. Husain said that it is beyond reasoning that the apex court of Pakistan has declared Nawaz Sharif as most dishonest person but has, on the other, held Imran Khan Niazi, the Pm of Pakistan as most honest person ignoring the fact that the court of Los Angeles had already declared him as fornicator, a biological father of a girl child he reproduced out of marriage.

He said this and everything in Pakistan is done either by the Pakistan’s army or on its dictation and no institutions in Pakistan including the judiciary is free from the clutches of the army. What the courts in Pakistan are doing is only done on army’s behest and dictation, he added.

Courts declare anyone as traitor, dishonest only when they are dictated by the army. The country is under siege, he said.

TV anchors and politicians claim that General Pervez Musharraf had revolted against an elected democratic government and he should be tried for treason and sentenced to death but they do not name those Generals of Pakistan army who had actually toppled the elected democratic government of Nawaz Sharif on Oct 12, 1999. In fact, Musharraf was in plane when his colleague Generals had revolted against the government of Nawaz Sharif. The general who actually revolted are forgotten because Musharraf is from Mohajir Nation.

Creator of Pakistan’s nuclear programme and atomic bomb, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan is also a Mohajir but he was humiliated and the entire credit was given to a Punjabi Scientist Dr Samar Mund. Was that not sheer bias against the Mohajir Nation? He asked.

He vowed to keep the struggle for rights of Mohajir Nation going under all situations.